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Emergency Remedies

Keyword ..Description Remedy

Allergic reactions ……Allergic reactions with tightness of chest ….Arsenicum Album
Allergic reactions ……Beestings with breathing difficulties …..Apis
Allergic reactions ……Beestings with breathing difficulties (antidote)…..Carbolic Acid
Angina ……First attack, patient is terrified ….Aconite
Angina ……Chest constriction, burning pain, restless, anxious, chilly …..Arsenicum Album
Angina ……Fear of death, tight chest, no radiating pain, not restless ….Cactus Grand
Animal bite Severe animal bite with bleeding, shock or both ….Arnica
Animal bite Animal bite with risk of tetanus or infection …Hypericum
Animal bite Severe reaction to bite or sting …..Apis
Appendicitis ……Patient is able to keep still, not restless, aversion to touch …Arnica
Appendicitis ……Patient is restless, irritable and thirsty …Rhus Tox
Appendicitis ……Patient has to keep absolutely still from the pain …Bryonia
Appendicitis ……Perforated, patient is very ill .Crotalus Horr
Asthma …..Asthma attack with nausea ..Ipecac
Backpain …Sciatica after injuries to legs or back, worse from sitting ……Hypericum
Bladder infections……Acute, with burning pain, bleeding and frequent urinationCantharis
Bladder infections……Acute, after honeymoon, from too much sex…Staphysagria
Bleeding ….Bleeding from severe animal bite, shock or both ….Arnica
Bleeding ….Heavy bleeding from vagina, threatened miscarriage …..Sabina
Breathlessness ..Breathlessness with specific fear …Aconite
Breast injuries …Heavy blow to the breast …..Conium
Breast injuries …Heavy blow or sharp instrument ….Bellis Perennis
Broken bones ….Broken bones Arnica
Broken bones ….Broken bones with severe pain ……Bryonia
Broken bones ….Broken bones, to promote healing and relieve pain .Symphytum
Bruising ….Severe bruising ……Arnica
Burns Burns with shock that need medical attention Arnica Continue reading


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The mazic of Arnica Montana

Known for its mind and body healing properties, the herb Arnica has been harvested for centuries from the mountain pastures and lowland marshes of Europe and North America. The perennial plant with orange-yellow, daisy-like flowers has a pleasant spicy smell and is renowned for its curative and restorative powers. The flowers and rootstocks are dried, the most valuable part being the flowers. This amazing herb, sometimes brewed as a tea, but often made into a lotion and infused with oil or cream for injuries such as falls, is a known homeopathic cure for stress, impotence, sleeping problems, baldness and emotional shock and trauma caused by past incidents.

Arnica once almost completely disappeared because of over harvesting but is now grown and gathered sustainably to ensure that the herb remains in use for future generations. Arnica Montana is now available for general use.

It is estimated that 70 per cent of our immune response is emotional; to be unhappy or depressed lowers our resilience to illnesses and we become more susceptible. Arnica Montana, taken daily when necessary, may help to prevent this occurring. A sudden death of a family member or friend, a prolonged illness, business worries, the stress of working and running a home, working long hours, struggling to pay the bills or worrying about other’s problems are things many people have experienced.

Homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann discovered in his experiments with the herb Arnica over 200 years ago that it could relieve emotional and mental problems caused by past trauma. Hahnemann discovered that by taking Arnica, other remedies would work better because the body was in a balanced state, and that further healing could take place. It is as a homeopathic remedy used internally where it has far greater healing powers.

Hahnemann, pioneering a system still used by homeopaths today, experimented with Arnica on hundreds of subjects and discovered its powers were vast, particularly in the realm of emotional trauma. He asked his human subjects – unaware of what they were taking – to note the effects of Arnica over a long period of time. He found it helped heal everything from baldness and impotence to incontinence, cramps, bruises, general soreness, forgetfulness, travel sickness, sleeping problems, gout, rheumatism and emotional problems.

Arnica was made into a homeopathic remedy in the 18th and 19th centuries following Hahnemann’s research. Today, Arnica Montana is the first remedy used by homeopaths to heal people affected by shock, trauma or injury to the body, and is as appropriate for a mental, emotional or spiritual shock as much as physical injuries.
What makes Arnica Montana work?

The herb has excellent healing effects but it is not known which substances are responsible for them.

Arnica Montana contains 0.1 per cent volatile oil containing thymol and thymol ether in the florets. Other components are alcohols (arnidiol and faradiol), flavone glycosides and carotenoid pigments.

The constituents in the stems, leaves and rootstocks have a different composition from those in the florets.

The nonirritant extract is used in anti inflammatory and regenerative creams and in hair cosmetics. The extract can also be used in cleansing creams, skin lotions and as an ingredient in facial steams before the application of face packs.

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