Dr. Smarajit Kumar Roy

H.MB, MD (Homeo)

Why can you depend on Homeopathy?

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You can depend on Homeopathy:

  • Small deposit and greater benefit.
  • Short time result.
  • No side affect.
  • Has an atomic power
  • Its for poor people’s medicine.

You will find Homeopathy works so quickly that it will really surprise you.

It can taste sweet, so that the kids loves it.


Author: smarajitroy

I am a General Practitioner currently residing in Madhubag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been brought up in my native Magura district, Bangladesh. I have completed H.MB (1969, Pakistan), and later complete MD from India. I then become vice chairman of Homeo Medical Association, Magura. I am currently holding the position of chairman of Women & Children Association Magura, Bangladesh. Beside this I was head master of a Govt. Primary School Shonkoskhali, Magura Sadar Upazilla. I have published 2 Homeopathic Books named: 1. Adhunick Paribarick Chikitsha (Modern Homeopathic Treatments) 2. Sobar Janne Homeopathy (Homeopathic Medicine for all). These books are now available all the general homeopathic stores & libraries in Bangladesh. I am planning to publish another book regarding the wonders of a single drop of medicine.

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