Dr. Smarajit Kumar Roy

H.MB, MD (Homeo)

Arnica Montana

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Arnica is the first medicine before or after any surgery. Do not forget to use it for dental surgery. Arnica is very suitable medicine for over working. Many benefits are described as follows:

  1. Broken bones, it may be used.
  2. If eye-ball injury, it may be used, if it is pain moving then select, Hypericum 200.
  3. It’s mother tincher can be used with mastered oil externally as a pain killer.1% mother tincher with 5% mastered oil mixed with, and apply it two or three times a day.
  4. You can use it before, delivery to prevent any bad effect. Only one doge.
  5. You can use any place of injury’s pain legs, toes, fingers, lips and ears.
  6. Arnica Montana and Hypericum, alternately used two or three times a day.
  7. It cures, tumor if it happens by injury.
  8. It can be used for the teeth pain.

Last of all Arnica Hair oil is a reputed medicine of the world to prevent the hair loss with Zabarandi.

It can be used as a pain killer ointment, one part of Arnica Mother Tincher and four parts of Mastered Oil mix and use it two or three times a day. The importance of Arnica Montana cannot be describe as short, so lets keep reading it…

Author: smarajitroy

I am a General Practitioner currently residing in Madhubag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been brought up in my native Magura district, Bangladesh. I have completed H.MB (1969, Pakistan), and later complete MD from India. I then become vice chairman of Homeo Medical Association, Magura. I am currently holding the position of chairman of Women & Children Association Magura, Bangladesh. Beside this I was head master of a Govt. Primary School Shonkoskhali, Magura Sadar Upazilla. I have published 2 Homeopathic Books named: 1. Adhunick Paribarick Chikitsha (Modern Homeopathic Treatments) 2. Sobar Janne Homeopathy (Homeopathic Medicine for all). These books are now available all the general homeopathic stores & libraries in Bangladesh. I am planning to publish another book regarding the wonders of a single drop of medicine.

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